Letting Services & Fees

Over the years we have managed to establish strong relationships with many local and national organizations and have provided quality accommodation services to the Birmingham city council, the UKBA, European recruitment companies and human resources departments of major employers.

This ensures we have a continuous supply of quality vetted tenants and long term contracts. Therefore should your property qualify it can be taken on a number of rent guarantee schemes we operate, some of which include full maintenance of your property and no void periods throughout the term of your contract leaving you with complete peace of mind and a substantial yearly return on your investment.

We are able to offer the following services to suit your requirements, the details of which are as follows:

Carry out immediate inspections and rental valuations of the property and advise the Landlord as appropriate

Advertise the property to its full extent by:

  • Erecting a To Let board
  • Preparing particulars of the property
  • Advertising where appropriate i.e. The Internet, local newspapers as necessary.

Receive all enquiries and accompany prospective tenants wishing to view the property

Carefully select tenants by:

Personal interview

An in depth credit search

Obtaining relevant personal and financial references (as appropriate)

Prepare all necessary Assured Short hold Tenancy Agreements and relevant notices in accordance with the Housing Act 1988 (as amended by 1996 Housing Act) and coordinate the signing of the same

Prepare an inventory of property contents and condition

Transfer the utility accounts in respect of Gas and Electricity suppliers along with Council Tax and Water Authority, but not the telephone supplier, in to the new tenant’s name/s

Collect the first month’s rent in advance and dilapidation deposit.

FEE: 75% of the first months gross rent due from the tenancy.

Minimum fee of £250.00 per six-month tenancy.


  1. Arrange and coordinate the tenant’s occupation and vacation of the property
  2. Inspect the property every three months and inform you should it be necessary
  3. Instruct tradesmen to carry out appropriate repairs, maintenance or decoration, which is the Landlords responsibility
  4. Arrange for the gardens to be maintained if and as required
  5. Pay regular outgoings if so instructed, e.g. Water rates, ground rent, service charges, insurances, etc
  6. When the property is empty between lettings:
    • Inspect the property weekly
    • Collect/ arrange for collection mail
    • Arrange for the water systems to be drained or Central Heating started
    • Inform the police that the property is vacant
    • Arrange for payments of any utility accounts
    • Act as a key holder

i) 50% of the first month’s gross rent due from the tenancy (a minimum fee of £250.00 per six month tenancy)
ii) 10% of the gross rent due from the tenancy (a minimum fee of £25.00 per month)

Details of your property will be sent to prospective tenants who have registered with us as actively seeking accommodation. In addition, the property will be advertised in the local press. It is our policy to erect “TO LET” boards since this can speed up the letting and assists prospective tenants in finding properties – if you do not wish for a board to be erected please let us know. Marketing of your property will also be made via our website.

We are able to arrange competitive insurance cover for all or any of the following: –

Buildings, Contents, Tenants Contents, Legal Expenses, Rental Warranty, Emergency repairs, Gas, Electric, Water (Sewage and Drainage)

Rental warranty provides cover to reimburse any rent your tenant owes under tenancy, and related Legal fees. This cover provides total peace of mind and may be of particular interest to those Landlords who rely on rental income to cover their mortgage.

We are able to instruct reputable tradesmen to carry out any maintenance, decorating and gardening which may be required. In addition, we can arrange Gas Safety inspections and Electric safety certificates, boiler maintenance all of which would be carried out by a Corgi registered engineer.

These services include either submission of accounts to the owners for payment, or payment by us from funds held. Where the tenant is responsible for repairs (due to damage caused by him/her) we will arrange payment of the account and this amount will be invoiced to the Tenant or deducted from the deposit held.

Minor repairs costing less than £100.00 will generally be carried out without reference to the owner unless otherwise instructed. When the property is empty during the winter it is our policy to leave the heating on timer as opposed to draining down, which can be fairly expensive, and a heated home is more inviting to prospective tenants.

The bill for heating during the empty periods is the responsibility of the Landlord.

It is extremely rare that the tenants refuse to leave when the owners require possession of the property. It is not generally possible to gain possession during the initial fixed term of the agreement (usually six months). However, after this period, the courts must grant a possession order provided all necessary notices have been served on the tenant.

There are also mandatory grounds where the court must grant a possession order (including during the initial term) such as non-payment of rent.

The vast majority of tenants pay the rent in full and on time. Whilst every reasonable precaution is taken in selection of tenants, we cannot be held responsible for arrears that may accrue during the tenancy.

We do however facilitate all legal paperwork in order to regain possession of the property from the tenant for a small fee or in complicated cases instruct competent solicitors on the landlords behalf.


  • Inventory fees (if required): Individual quotations available
  • Additional property inspections (£25.00 plus VAT per visit)
  • Legal fees (if necessary)
  • Maintenance charges (20% 0f the cost of repairs for supervision of works in excess of £200.00)
  • The costs of any overseas calls, faxes and redirected mail on behalf of the Landlord shall be recoverable.
  • Check out fee (if applicable) individual quotations available
  • A sum equivalent to a week’s rent for introducing a tenant who proves suitable after references have been received but is not acceptable to the landlord.

Property Certificates:

  • EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) £100.
  • Electric Certificate other than additional work needed. £150.
  • Gas Certificate other than additional work needed. £65.

*Please note all fees are payable at the commencement of any tenancy period

Tenancy renewals and/or extensions are subject to the fees as above.